Being the second largest country of the world, Canada has a lot to offer to visitors and no matter what tourists might be looking for; chances are that they will find it here. From train rides to boat cruises, stepping back into time or jumping into the future, there is something for everyone.

With ten provinces as well as three territories, tourists will be spoil for choice. The provinces, which include British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec, offer destinations that are pristine, yet completely exciting. A good tour package to Canada will allow travelers to taste all that this beautiful country has to offer.

Like most countries, Canada too has its fair share of big cities, but these cities offer tourists experiences unlike others. Some of the major cities include Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary and all these have lots of places to see and family activities. In Ontario, tourists could dabble in a session of acting or climb to the top of the CN Tower to enjoy some breathtaking views.

The best tour packages to Canada will ensure that tourists get to sample the traditions of the native tribes, which still exist in some parts of the country.

For the connoisseurs of finer things in life, Canada has much to offer and these include chances to savour the best food and wine. With long coastlines, there is plenty of fresh seafood to be relished. A tour package to Canada will take tourists to Ontario, where they can see how wine is made and thereafter, enjoy a glass of their favorite.

Fishing trips and clam digs at the Prince Edward Island allow tourists to catch their meal for the day.

The British Columbia and Manitoba are ideal for nature lovers and well-planned Canada tour packages will ensure a trip to these destinations. Once here, there will be choices between treks through nature parks, boat cruises that take tourists through icy waters, heli-skiing and even a hunt for gold.

A trip to Quebec will take tourists back in time, because here the old world charm has been kept intact. The cobblestone streets remind traveler of Europe and a ride through them in a horse-drawn carriage is a must-do.

The sandy beaches of Ontario will prove to be a great place to rest and work on that tan or tourists could choose to head to one of the several award winning spas. Watch the Royal Canadian Mounties in their full glory at the RCMP Sunset Retreat in Saskatchewan or catch a few whales splashing around. There is simply so much to do in Canada and then some more.