Our China tour packages cater specifically for people who want a real experience of China. What does that mean? Let’s explain. It means traveling with a knowledgeable and friendly guide in every destination; someone who is willing and enthusiastic about sharing their city and country with you in a way that builds bridges of understanding. It also means getting up close and personal with the people, places and things that make China unique, fascinating, and an incredible country to visit. 

Rather than focus on shopping, we’ve made it our business to research and deliver experiences that stay with you long after your tour with us is over. With all our China vacation packages, we maintain a no commission-based shopping stops approach, which means more time seeing and experiencing the very best there is in multiple China cities. And we do things at a relaxed, comfortable pace, allowing you to savor every stage of your journey and include optional specialty experiences that interest you. Want in? Explore our tours right here.