৳ 5,000.00

USA Visa

90 Days Validity

30 Days Staying



  1. Applicant’s Passport.
  2. 2. Applicant’s father’s Details (Place Of Birth, Date Of Birth, Nationality).
  3. Applicant’s Mother’s Birth Date (Place Of Birth, Date Of Birth, Nationality).
  4. Applicant’s U.S.A. Contact Person Name, Address, Phone Number (if any).
  5. Applicant’s Primary Occupation Details/ Business Details (Business Start Date, Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number).
  6. Applicant’s Describe Job.
  7. Applicant’s Educational Details (Education Level, Institute Name, Passed Date).
  8. Applicant Last 5 Years Traveled Countries Name.
  9. Applicant’s Intended Date Of USA & Length Of Stay In The USA.
  10. Applicant’s Mobile Number.
  11. Applicant’s Social Media Platform ( Facebook, Twitter, Viber ) ID Name.
  12. Applicant’s Email Address.

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